About CSR

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Charleston Sailboat Racing (CSR) began with lots of discussions starting in 2020-2022 about what a new Charleston Harbour racing organization could do. Because of events involving other racing organizations, it was important that CSR bring the focus back to sailing, racing, and growing the community, even if we started very small. It quickly became a guiding principle for us to avoid unfair handicap systems and long “big boat” races. CSR is not just for small one-design boats, though, but for all racing-oriented or racer-cruiser-oriented boats. Custom classes are used to group similar boats, offering great racing for each in the class.

Like our fellow sailing organizations, CSR is based on a few simple ideas:

  • Race Training
    • Promoting sailboat races and regattas
  • Safe Sport
    • Sailing is respecting the wind and the water
  • Giving Back
    • Helping each other sail and race and learn
  • Reaching Out
    • Growing the sailing community is key

Our member organization, Charleston Sailboat Racing (CSR), is set forth by the parent, Charleston Sailboat Racing Corporation (CSRC), incorporated in the state of South Carolina in 2022, the second such organization to be founded in Charleston since the late 1960s. CSR/CSRC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation, and our charter constitution is based on giving the voting power to the active sailboat owners and member committees.

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